About Us

Founded in 2014, the company seeks to create value through creative sourcing, unique repurposing and renovation, and focused process execution.


ARC is an institutional platform for opportunistic real estate investing in Spain. We believe in dedicated internal resources in the following areas:

  • Investment strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Project/construction management
  • Quality and cost control
  • Financial management
  • Sales management

Our principles and values

  • Operations

    Real turnaround creates value. Work, not money, makes money.

  • Alignment

    We want “skin-in-the-game” and results. No free upside or fees-only.

  • Passion

    Focus and drive. Must have already achieved success and still be hungry.

  • Integrity

    We only invest with people who we would want our children to marry.

Our team

We are a diverse team with +75 years experience in real estate development, construction, architecture, and opportunistic investing in Spain, Europe, and North America.

  • Jan Maarten Goedemans

    Jan Maarten Goedemans

    CEO & Partner

    20 years experience in Real Estate (Spain and Continental Europe) including previous positions with Rabobank International, Propertize, Bouwfonds (ABN Amro) and Ernst & Young.

  • Lane Auten, CFA

    Lane Auten, CFA

    Founder & Managing Partner

    20 years experience in Private Equity and Real Estate (US and Spain), including previous positions with Starwood/Waypoint, HRJ Capital, UBS, Banco Santander and World Bank.

  • Neil Gregory-Eaves

    Neil Gregory-Eaves


    Over 25 years experience in Real Estate and Venture Capital (Canada, US and Eastern Europe), including previous senior executive and capital markets roles at Colliers International.

  • Pablo García Fasoli

    Pablo García Fasoli

    Senior Project & Construction Manager

    22 Years Experience in Project & Construction Management (Spain, Europe and Latin America) including previous positions with ATEC Contractor, Moro & Soucheiron, Grup Qualitat, Cador.

  • Sarah Dominey, MRICS

    Sarah Dominey, MRICS

    Senior Development Manager

    8 years experience in Real Estate Analysis (UK, New Zealand, and Spain) including previous positions with Jones Lang LaSalle, Patron and CBRE (EA Shaw).

  • Anna Marcer

    Anna Marcer

    Office Manager

    12 years experience in Financial and Office Management/Control including previous positions with UCB Pharma and Mediaedge:cia.

  • César Torralbo Gómez

    César Torralbo Gómez


    17 years experience in real estate investing, architectural design, and urban planning including previous positions with Oraclium, Double c Promos, and Europe & Design.

  • Sonia Ferreiro Liste

    Sonia Ferreiro Liste


    12 years of experience in Consulting / Tax, Accounting and Financial advice to companies from different sectors, from start-ups to companies related to the construction, industrial, canning industry or service sector.

  • Carlos Azcarate

    Carlos Azcarate

    Senior Project Manager

    Bachelor of Architecture from ETSAB and a master’s degree in Management of construction and real estate companies from the University of Barcelona. Over 25 years of experience in the management of real estate and tourism projects, he has developed projects in 17 countries in 4 continents.

  • Mª José Morillo

    Mª José Morillo

    Senior Project Manager

    Bachelor of Architecture from ETSAB. Over 20 years of experience in the development of residential, hotel and commercial projects as project manager.

Further information

For more information on our company and our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.